Where to Sell Memorabilia: 3 Most Popular Options

If you’re an avid collector of entertainment, sports or history memorabilia and you’ve been doing it for years, you might have in your hands on something that could set you up for life, or at least, take you on your next vacation. And if you’re wondering where to sell memorabilia, since this is your first time, there are several avenues that could appeal to you. We’ll start with the three most common avenues for first-time sellers because these are the easiest and they can get you the best and most fair price for your collections.

Here are the three most popular options for selling memorabilia:

Where to sell memorabilia: Auction sites

You can register at auction sites to have your items included in auctions. For convenience, it is recommended that you put up your memorabilia at online auction sites so you can easily monitor your items without leaving your home. You can also respond to inquiries or answer questions almost immediately since most auction sites have a function that lets interested parties contact the seller.

Tip: “Stalk” some of these auction sites first before signing up so you’ll have an idea of the dynamics that goes on between buyers and sellers, and sellers and the auction site itself.

Where to sell memorabilia: Private collectors

You might be wondering how you can find these private collectors if this is your first time to sell, and the answer to that is collectors’ clubs. Research on the internet on some of the most reputable collectors’ clubs in your area and go to their respective websites. Or find out when they will be having an event and sign-up for that. You can also join their forums. If you’re lucky, you might just find that one collector who is looking for exactly what you have and willing to pay a hefty price for it.

Where to sell memorabilia: Licensed dealer

Last but certainly not the least is a licensed, professional autograph and memorabilia dealer. For this, you may find that there’s actually quite a few of them out there and most of them buy and sell online. This is to your advantage because you can immediately sell your collection without having to step out of the house. Make sure though that the online dealer has a physical shop or office, and a mailing address that’s not a P.O. box (fly-by-night dealers and businesses usually only have a P.O. box and not a physical store or office).

When you’re ready to sell your memorabilia, feel free to contact Piece of the Past at (951) 258-4968. We buy entire collections and not just the cream of the crop.

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    I have autographs of Mickey Mantle, Howard Cosell and Billy Martin on an American Airlines napkin I got from them at the American Airlines Club 40 years ago. Anyone know approximately what that might go for?

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