Autograph Dealers’ 4 Top-selling Autographs from the Entertainment Industry

For a lot of autograph collectors, selling their prized collection is the last thing on their mind but if they do decide to sell, they know that some pieces in their collection are worth more than others. Here, we share some of the highest selling autographs that autograph dealers and collectors are on the lookout for. These are autographs signed by film and TV personalities, musicians, and other celebrities.

Top 4 most expensive autographs in the world from the entertainment industry:

John Lennon-signed ‘Double Fantasy’ album

Now, this isn’t just any other copy of the beloved Beatles front man’s ‘Double Fantasy’ album; it’s the one he signed before he was shot to death, specifically, the album that Mark David Chapman, his would-be murderer, had him sign before he murdered Lennon. According to autograph dealers, Chapman had Lennon sign his copy of the album, left the scene and then returned a couple of hours later and shot at Lennon five times.

In 2003, the signed album was estimated to be worth $525,000. Today, autograph dealers say it could be worth more.

Jimi Hendrix’s signed contract

In 1965, five years before his untimely death, Jimi Hendrix signed a contract that states he will only get 1% of royalty from his music which, in the opinion of autograph dealers worldwide, is a paltry amount considering his talent and ingenuity. Ironically though, that same signed contract sold for $200,000 back in 2009. Today, it could be worth more.

Hendrix’s autographs in general are valued at $9,000 and up.

The Beatles’ group autographs

Having all signatures of John, Paul, George, and Ringo on a single piece of paper or memorabilia is one of the rarest things to own, which is why their collective signatures could easily fetch you a whopping $41,000. But the most expensive item autographed by all four members is the ‘White Album’ which cost a buyer in 2013 a staggering $167,000.

Jimmy Page’s signed 1963 Gibson

Considered as one of rock music’s biggest stars, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s autograph could fetch anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 easily. But what is truly priceless to a collector is his signed 1963 Gibson EDS-1275. When his autograph was authenticated, collectors scrambled to get their hands on the item. One collector was the lucky one though, never mind if he shelled out a whopping $73,000 for it. The fact that the guitar still plays great is an added bonus.

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