What is My Autograph Worth?

Autographed items can fetch you anywhere from $100 to $1,000, and sometimes even more, which means that all those years of hanging on to your autographed item and making sure to keep it in mint condition will have been worth it. Before you sell, the first question to ask is: “What is my autograph worth?” AUTOGRAPH APPRAISAL REQUEST FORM NAME: EMAIL: PHONE: ITEM: PHOTO ATTACHEMENT DESCRIPTION

Several factors are considered when determining the worth of an autographed item. Sometimes, an item that you thought to be worth at least several hundred dollars will only sell for a hundred, even less. On the other hand, there are times when a lot of collectors actually considers a seemingly worthless autograph as rare, which means you could be more than a thousand dollars richer after selling it. To answer your question, “What is my autograph worth?”, below are some of the factors buyers and collectors take into account.

How to value an autograph

1. Whose autograph is it? – The very first thing that buyers consider is who signed the item. Celebrities like Hollywood stars and film directors, singers considered ‘legends’ like John Lennon, professional athletes, famous authors and artists who have passed, and famous political figures who played significant roles in history like Winston Churchill are only some of the most sought-after autographs. But the person who signed the item isn’t the only factor considered when answering your question of what is my autograph worth? To find out more about how to value an autograph, read on.

2. What is the signed item? – Is your signed item just a piece of paper? This is valued less than some autographed picture or memorabilia like set props and sports items (caps, balls, bats, jersey, etc.). A rare item like a letter or a handwritten and signed note, or a sketch drawn and signed by a famous artist can give you at least several thousands of dollars.

It is worth mentioning here that when you’re determining on your own how to value an autograph, you should also look at the condition of the item and the signature. Does the paper have any smudges on the paper, or did a water stain compromise the signature? All these are critical to determining the exact value of your autograph.

3. Was it signed in ink or pencil? – Last but not the least is the writing implement used to sign the item. If it is in ink, it may fetch a higher price than an autograph signed with a pencil because an autograph signed with a pencil may fade over time while ink may last several lifetimes.

These are only some of the factors that could help you get a better idea of the answer to “What is my autograph worth?”