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There is a large market for autographs and memorabilia right now. In fact, some financial experts consider autographs an alternative investment because of their potential for appreciation. However, because of the market size and the large number of selling venues, choosing the best place to sell autographs is somewhat of an uncharted territory for many memorabilia collectors, many of whom didn’t even intend to sell their signed items in the first place. However, most experienced autograph buyers and sellers regularly list three places among their choices for the best place to sell autographs.

1. Auctions – Posting your items up for auction is an excellent way to reach out to prospective buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for items that they find interesting. However, not only there is no guaranteed sale; the auction house will also take a cut of the earnings should you get a successful bid. In addition, it could take some time before the cash comes into your account; the auction house must get the winning bidder to pay up before you get your share of the sale. If you are willing to wait a few more weeks, an auction is the best place to sell autographs.

2. An autograph dealer with online presence – More autograph collectors are turning to dealers who have long histories of buying and selling memorabilia both on- and off-line. Most of these dealers specialize in certain kinds of people, such as sportspeople, politicians, celebrities, or historical figures. If you are looking to sell a signed costume or movie prop, for instance, it makes little sense to take it to a dealer who specializes in space explorers. However, they all consult the same reference – The Official Price Guide to Autographs — and if you can sell an autograph to the author of the book himself, don’t pass it up.

If you are looking for the best place to sell autographs, you must consider different factors, including speed of payment and the type of appraisal your items will receive. Should you consider selling your autographs to an online dealer with decades of industry experience, call Piece of the Past at 951-258-4968.