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The reputation of an autograph dealer, like most businesses that deal with antiquities, is built through the decades. It is not earned through one record-breaking sale or even ten of them, but rather, through consistency in terms of quality of service, integrity, and industry knowledge. Piece of the Past, one of the top historical autograph dealers in the world, has proven that honest service based on an encyclopedic knowledge of memorabilia is something that just cannot be beaten. There are three main reasons Piece of the Past is not just any autograph dealer: professional organization membership, expertise in its field, and regular exposure in nationwide and online events.

1. Membership in professional organizations – Professional organizations uphold strict standards of professional behavior and integrity, and Piece of the Past is a member of not just one, but at least five organizations that are related to autograph auction houses – the Better Business Bureau, the Society of Appraisers, the Ephemera Society, the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, and IADA/CC. Membership in the BBB is particularly unusual for a memorabilia dealer; in fact, to our knowledge, there are only three other BBB members belonging to the memorabilia industry.

2. We are a recognized authority on autographs – When the owner of your company has written and published the definitive guide to autographs for the past twenty years, the company is not just your average autograph dealer. Indeed, Kevin Martin, the founder of Piece of the Past, is a recognized industry figure who is best known for The Official Guide to Autographs, which is the standard reference used by many historical autograph dealers around the world. No other memorabilia dealer comes close to our knowledge of autographs and authentication.

3. We have regular exposure to national audiences – It’s hard to cheat on prices when the eyes of the world are upon you, and as the largest autograph dealer in the world, we are under constant industry scrutiny – and always come out clean. In addition, we participate in several auction portals, including Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, and iCollector, all of whom could vouch for our integrity. Many of these auctions are televised on ESPN, giving us exposure to a much wider audience. These make us a highly reputable memorabilia dealer with a high degree of client referenceability.

If you would like to sell your autographed items or view our limited edition collections, feel free to call us at 951-258-4968.