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Collectors of signed memorabilia and other autographed items generally have a string of personal conditions or rules to follow when it comes to buying autographed items. To say that they nit-pick would be an understatement. If you’re looking to sell your autographed item/s and you’ve asked yourself, “How much is my autograph worth?” one too many times, below are some of the details that collectors look at, which could help you get your autograph value. These details may increase or decrease the value of your autograph.

“How much is my autograph worth?” Consider these factors:

1. Personalized autograph – Anything signed for the person or owner of the item, be it a piece of paper, photo, poster, movie memorabilia or prop or some other item generally fetches a lower price compared to an item with a “generalized” autograph. In other words, if you’re wondering “how much is my autograph worth?” and the item you’re looking at was signed with a reference to you (i.e. To Sam, For Sam or simply, Sam) you could expect a lower appraised value compared to one with no “dedication.”

2. Inscription – A signed item inscribed with words or references such as a specific winning game, short quote, a TV show episode and such may have a higher value compared to one signed with just the name or signature of the celebrity or personality. It would be worth mentioning here that to get your autograph value, check the condition of the signature and inscription and whether or not these were written in ink or pencil. Autographs and inscriptions written in pencil may fade over time, which can greatly decrease the value of the autographed item or memorabilia.

3. The number of signatures – In the case of sports teams or movie cast, a single item signed by all players or cast members may have a lower value compared to a single-signed item as many collectors regard single-signed items as “more desirable.” A common misconception of non-collectors is that a piece of memorabilia with everyone’s signature on it is more valuable because after all, everyone who counts signed it; but not so for serious collectors. Single-signed items are always more appealing to them—an important factor when considering “how much is my autograph worth?”

To get your autograph value—to determine its actual value, it would be best to have the items appraised by a trusted and reliable autograph dealer.

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