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What is My Autograph Worth?

Whenever people call us and ask, “What is my autograph worth?”, we don’t just give them any number out of nowhere. A lot of factors affect the value of an autographed item. Because of this, we would like to see the items being offered for sale before giving a price for them. However, just like any other business, we follow a few rules of thumb when it comes to determining the worth of an autograph. Here’s a sneak peek into the things we look for in an autograph. 1. Who signed the autograph? – We specialize in the entertainment industry, so naturally, we pay top dollar for celebrities whose reputations have far exceeded their lifetimes. For instance, autographs of entertainers such as Bob Hope or George Burns, who signed thousands of items throughout their long entertainment careers, are not as valued as autographs of celebrities who died young, such as Marilyn Monroe, whose autographs sell for thousands of dollars. It also helps that she remains popular and has a cult-like following. We are willing to bet that many of today’s celebrities won’t be able to command the prices that Marilyn Monroe memorabilia still fetch. 2. What is the condition of the autograph? – A lot of factors can affect an autographed item’s condition, and often, the answer to “What is my autograph worth?” lies in the condition of the item. Creased photographs, for instance, are far less valuable than undamaged ones. The autograph itself could fade due to the medium used – ink, for instance, lasts longer than pencil, and most collectors prefer signatures done in ink. The bolder...

Three Reasons Piece of the Past is a Reputable Autograph Dealer

The reputation of an autograph dealer, like most businesses that deal with antiquities, is built through the decades. It is not earned through one record-breaking sale or even ten of them, but rather, through consistency in terms of quality of service, integrity, and industry knowledge. Piece of the Past, one of the top historical autograph dealers in the world, has proven that honest service based on an encyclopedic knowledge of memorabilia is something that just cannot be beaten. There are three main reasons Piece of the Past is not just any autograph dealer: professional organization membership, expertise in its field, and regular exposure in nationwide and online events. 1. Membership in professional organizations – Professional organizations uphold strict standards of professional behavior and integrity, and Piece of the Past is a member of not just one, but at least five organizations that are related to autograph auction houses – the Better Business Bureau, the Society of Appraisers, the Ephemera Society, the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, and IADA/CC. Membership in the BBB is particularly unusual for a memorabilia dealer; in fact, to our knowledge, there are only three other BBB members belonging to the memorabilia industry. 2. We are a recognized authority on autographs – When the owner of your company has written and published the definitive guide to autographs for the past twenty years, the company is not just your average autograph dealer. Indeed, Kevin Martin, the founder of Piece of the Past, is a recognized industry figure who is best known for The Official Guide to Autographs, which is the standard reference used by many historical autograph dealers...

Where’s the Best Place to Sell Autographs?

There is a large market for autographs and memorabilia right now. In fact, some financial experts consider autographs an alternative investment because of their potential for appreciation. However, because of the market size and the large number of selling venues, choosing the best place to sell autographs is somewhat of an uncharted territory for many memorabilia collectors, many of whom didn’t even intend to sell their signed items in the first place. However, most experienced autograph buyers and sellers regularly list three places among their choices for the best place to sell autographs. 1. Auctions – Posting your items up for auction is an excellent way to reach out to prospective buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for items that they find interesting. However, not only there is no guaranteed sale; the auction house will also take a cut of the earnings should you get a successful bid. In addition, it could take some time before the cash comes into your account; the auction house must get the winning bidder to pay up before you get your share of the sale. If you are willing to wait a few more weeks, an auction is the best place to sell autographs. 2. An autograph dealer with online presence – More autograph collectors are turning to dealers who have long histories of buying and selling memorabilia both on- and off-line. Most of these dealers specialize in certain kinds of people, such as sportspeople, politicians, celebrities, or historical figures. If you are looking to sell a signed costume or movie prop, for instance, it makes little sense to take it...

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Autographs to Piece of the Past

Buying and selling memorabilia is more art than science. While you can spend hours on research, figuring out the value of your prized autograph, the truth of the matter is the pricing may still be dictated by the dealer. You may be wondering then where you should sell your autographs for the best price. Here at Piece of the Past, we are proud of our reputation for being an honest and fair dealer — it’s why we’ve become the largest entertainment memorabilia seller in the world! Here are three more reasons why you should sell your autographs to us: 1. We buy autographs from all price points – Whether your autograph is worth a dollar or a million bucks, we’re interested. We have been buying autographs from all price points for decades and not only that, we also purchase entire collections. This means there’s no cherry picking of your goods which can decrease the overall value of your collection. Not all dealers are interested in buying and selling small ticket items like us. As we need to restock our inventory frequently, we purchase just about everything, from autographs and letters, to awards and props. 2. We pay you quickly – When the intention to sell your autographs pops up, we understand you want to get your money as soon as possible. Therefore, we pay you within 48 hours of receiving your entire collection after agreeing on the price point. We’re flexible with our payment methods as well, whether you prefer PayPal, bank wire, or check; we can accommodate your preference. Additionally, if we list your autographs/collection up for auction,...