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Are you in possession of a prized autograph? If you’re looking to get rid of it for cash, the first question you may have in mind is who buys autographs in the first place. While you may have to do a bit of research to find these buyers, the good news is they exist, and if you negotiate well, you may be able to get a fair amount of money for your autograph.

Who Buys Autographs

In general, there are three groups of buyers you should target:

Hobbyists – The first group of buyers is the hobbyists. This may include the casual fan or someone who has a low to moderate level of commitment to buy your autograph. This group usually has a limited budget to work with. It’s unlikely they’ll commit all the way until the end unless they absolutely need your item, and even then, you can expect them to haggle with you. Since hobbyists are in it just for fun, they’re not the best group of buyers to approach especially if your item has already been appraised. If your autograph is worth a lot of money, you can almost be sure that this group will be unaware of it, which is why your time and efforts are better spent on targeting the other groups of buyers.

Serious collectors – Who else buys autographs? Serious collectors, or specialists, are your next group of buyers. Unlike hobbyists, they have a moderate to high level of commitment when it comes to buying. Depending on how long they have been building up their collection, however, there’s a chance they may not be interested in your item if they already have something similar or if it’s of little value. This group may also think of their collections as an investment they can flip in the future. If there’s sentimental value to your autograph and you want to sell it to someone who can take care of it, you can consider this group.

Dealers – The last group of buyers is the dealers. Compared to the other two groups, dealers offer the most number of benefits for sellers. For instance, since they buy items from all price points to restock their inventory, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to sell your autograph to them at the right price. If your autograph is of high value, say, upwards of four digits, then you may also enlist the help of a dealer to find you a seller. Dealers have a wide network of buyers you can tap to get the best deal for your item.

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