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How to Sell Autographed Items: 3 Key Steps to Take

Do you have a collection of autographed items or at least a few items? They could fetch you anywhere from 100 dollars to Thousands of dollars! If you’ve decided to sell your autographed memorabilia, one of the things you need to familiarize yourself with is how to sell autographed items. There are several steps to take to make sure that you get a fair price for your collection or pieces. Below are the three key things you should do: How to sell autographed items 1. Have your items authenticated – Third-party, nationally recognized autograph authenticators are a good place to start. A Certificate of Authenticity from a recognized and reputable autograph authenticator may raise the value of your signed memorabilia by a considerable percentage. You can check out third-party authenticators like PSA/DNA. strong>2. Have your items appraised – Another key step to how to sell autographed items is to have your collection or pieces appraised by a trusted dealer. You should know that you’re not obligated to sell your autographed items to the dealer/s simply because you asked them toappraise your collection. It’s good to have several points of comparison so you can get the best deal for your prized collection. Piece of the Past owner Kevin Martin has written four editions of The Official Price Guide to Autographs, which means we set the prices that dealers, buyers, and sellers use to determine the value of autographs. 3. Choose your dealer – The last key step to selling autographed items is choosing your dealer. Comparing the appraised value of your items from several dealers, choose one that not only...

Sell Signed Memorabilia: 5 Things That Always Sell

Are you into philography? That, by the way, is what you call the hobby of collecting autographs. But you don’t need to be into philography to know that some autographs are more valuable than others. If you happen to have any autographs or signed memorabilia lying around the house, sell your signed memorabilia to us here at Piece of the Past. Why sell? Signed memorabilia can surprise you with its value! In our more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve found that the following always sells: 1. Letters – The older and the richer the history behind the letter, the higher the price it can fetch at the auction house. Examples of letters that will commonly bear signatures include US Presidents and other government officials, royalty, the Pope, writers, and other artists. According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive letter was sold at Christie’s in New York for a whopping $6,098,500 last 2013. It was a letter written by Francis Crick in 1953 to his son Michael Crick, which outlined the revolutionary discovery of the structure and function of DNA. 2. Props – Whether small or large, props sell, especially to diehard fans. In the movie industry, one of the most expensive props ever sold was James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which fetched $4.6 million in 2010. The car was featured in the films Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965). While it didn’t exactly bear the signature of Sean Connery, who played James Bond at the time, it’s nonetheless a cool piece of movie history to own. 3. Musical Instruments – If you think $6 million is...

What is My Autograph Worth?

Whenever people call us and ask, “What is my autograph worth?”, we don’t just give them any number out of nowhere. A lot of factors affect the value of an autographed item. Because of this, we would like to see the items being offered for sale before giving a price for them. However, just like any other business, we follow a few rules of thumb when it comes to determining the worth of an autograph. Here’s a sneak peek into the things we look for in an autograph. 1. Who signed the autograph? – We specialize in the entertainment industry, so naturally, we pay top dollar for celebrities whose reputations have far exceeded their lifetimes. For instance, autographs of entertainers such as Bob Hope or George Burns, who signed thousands of items throughout their long entertainment careers, are not as valued as autographs of celebrities who died young, such as Marilyn Monroe, whose autographs sell for thousands of dollars. It also helps that she remains popular and has a cult-like following. We are willing to bet that many of today’s celebrities won’t be able to command the prices that Marilyn Monroe memorabilia still fetch. 2. What is the condition of the autograph? – A lot of factors can affect an autographed item’s condition, and often, the answer to “What is my autograph worth?” lies in the condition of the item. Creased photographs, for instance, are far less valuable than undamaged ones. The autograph itself could fade due to the medium used – ink, for instance, lasts longer than pencil, and most collectors prefer signatures done in ink. The bolder...